amanda_lodden (amanda_lodden) wrote,

John Wick, alternate ending

[Some spoilers, I suppose]

Vigo, calling John for the first time: Hey, John. Really sorry about my son. I'll have your car cleaned and detailed tonight and returned first thing in the morning. And I'll pay the adoption fee for another dog, whenever you're ready. And why don't you have a little talk with my son and teach him some respect... a little roughing up is expected of course, but if he walks away afterward, then no harm done and we'll call it square. No one has to die just because he's an idiot, right?

Of course, that would make the film about 15 minutes long and rather boring. However, I really feel like that's about how much screen time the story deserved. It's a perfectly serviceable action flick, I suppose, but the justification for the start of the conflict seemed rather thin. Hell, I'd have been happier if Vigo HAD said something like that, and Wick responded unkindly.

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